International market research insurance (BPI-COFACE)

FINABRIDGE will help you implement the international market research insurance managed by BPI in order to oversee the financial risk connected to the development of your business. This insurance is a public aid within the scope of export which takes care of some of the cost of the market research incurred by the company which could not be paid off by a high enough sales level on the geographical area. The market research insurance has double interests for your company:

  • Immediate support of the treasury
  • An insurance for the loss suffered in case of business failure

This is aimed at companies or French groups who have the intention of settling or develop a branch of export of goods and services with strong French value added. The insurance covers every country except those undergoing an embargo. The contract includes two successive phases:

  • The coverage phase, during which market research expenses are considered, the duration of this phase varies from 1 to 4 years
  • The amortization phase, during which you reimburse the allowance given in proportion to the revenue made of which lasts, generally, a year more than the coverage phase did

During the coverage phase, an assessment of the market research named « depreciation account » is established. t considers the debit of the market research expenses and for the credit, a percentage of the revenue made. When the balance of the account is overdrawn, BPI-COFACE gives an allowance from 25% to 75% of this balance. The covered costs are all the specific expenses engaged to prospect the geographical area targeted:

  • Market studies
  • Documentation
  • Abroad business trips
  • Salaries and costs during the trips
  • Recruitment
  • Website adjustments
  • Market research financing costs…

The spreading of the cost:

  • 7% for products sales,
  • 14% for services ,
  • 30% on other amounts (royalties, license fee…)

The guaranteed quota, meaning the percentage which during the coverage phase, is applicable to the depreciation account represents:

  • 65% if turnover < 300M€
  • 75% if the company is innovative or specific cases

The Market research grant is payable during the insurance time period. It is paid annually, at the beginning of every financial year and is set at 2% of the insured market research budget for the said financial year. In case of an advance on the allowance, this grant would be revalued to 4%..

Trade credit insurance

The trade credit insurance is a way to manage client’s position which protect companies from losses generated by the non-payment of bills. This is a risk-management tool which integrates three complementary services:

  • Information on the financial solvency of the clients and prospects with analysis of the risks by countries, fields and companies to help our clients evaluate and better prevent risks they might have to take.
  • Recovery of outstanding debts, COFACE gives insured companies an allowance to amortize the impact of the loss suffered. Our experts help recover the debt with the buyer.
  • Compensation for the insured debts.

What is the goal? Preserve you from unpaid bills knowing that 80 % of the companies face unpaid debts and that it is the main cause for ¼ of the bankruptcy ! Indeed, as part of your commercial activity, you probably allow payment extensions to your clients. Moreover, you are, for sure, less vigilant of the risks taken, if it is a customary activity. Moreover, you are, for sure, less vigilant of the risks taken, if it is a customary activity. Finabridge gives you advice on the best protections to be covered when:

  • A client is lacking
  • A company is insufficient
  • And/or when a government decides suddenly to forbid a payment transfer or demands a devaluation.

To do so, we need to choose the best suited type of insurance for the size of the company.

General liability insurance for professionals (GL PRO)

The general liability insurance, utilizing and professional is specially made for business advice in strategy, organization, finance, human resources recruitment, training, quality, translation, communication, IT jobs… This insurance support the financial consequences of the general liability that you can incur as part of the execution, by you or your employees, of your professional activity especially when, this execution leads to a complaint about you for damages such as:

  • Physical injury
  • Material or intangible damages
  • Successive or not

With Finabridge, our advisors offer the best protections for you and your employees. The goal? To protect you to the level of risks your company is exposed to. Indeed, your liability can be incriminated for various reasons:

  • Advice default
  • Loss of confidential data
  • Contractual negligence or accidental delay of the service
  • Violation of copyrights

(…) You will also be protected in case of sick leaves. As a matter of fact, when you are unable to work, you cannot rely only, on your contingency fund to maintain your salary. The subscription to a GL pro insurance will allow you to get daily payments. You will then, be able to get 100% of your salary when you cannot work due to illness, accident or hospitalization, even if you did not stay in the hospital. Your employees will be well protected too. As part of the National interprofessional accord (NIA), or if your work agreement forces you to, you are required to get your employees a healthcare cover and a collective contingency fund.

General liability insurance for managers and social representatives (RCMS)

As a manager, your job exposes you to complaints that can lead to financial troubles. Suppliers, creditors, competitors, shareholders or even employees can blame your liability as a manager. If your fault leads to the liquidation of your company, you could be forced to pay all or part of the debt on your own possessions. But:

  • The personal and family general liability insurance
  • The company liability insurance
  • The professional general liability insurance

Do not cover the public and criminal liability of the manager as part of his work ! Therefore, with Finabridge, our experts guide you to insure and protect to the best of their abilities your personal assets with GLMS. Are concerned by this, every person who could be personally blamed as part of his or her job. Company managers or organisation managers, ex officio managers or de facto managers and people having a delegation of power…