Global sourcing

Representative office

The representative office is a liaison structure with its headquarter located in the activity’s country of origin. It is not a legal entity and does not require a great investment. Thanks to its extension status of the headquarter, the representative office allows you to easily promote your commercial activities to your potential customers in the Chinese market. This type of structure is a good entry door into the Chinese market for foreign businesses who want to evaluate their potential.

Types of activities of a representative office:

  • Liaison activity, promotion of products and services, contact development with clients
  • Linking activity with suppliers
  • Coordinator role for activities supervision of the headquarter in China

The registration process is handled by Finabridge entirely. Our consultants are there to guide you every step of the way and give you a qualitative service before, during and after the completion of your project. From the moment all the original copies are gathered, the registration process of a representative office follows these process steps:

  • Online pre- registration, then official registration request and issuing of the “registration certificate” which establishes the legal existence of your representative office
  • Complementary registrations with other administrations (Statistics bureau, Tax bureau, Work bureau, Exchange bureau, police…)
  • Requesting and obtaining of work permit and residence visas for potential foreign employees of the office
  • Opening of a bank account for the representative office (in currency and in RMB) which will enable payment of day-to-day expenses (rent, salaries, taxes and other fees). Local banks will only accept to open an account after every original registration certificates are produced (and especially the last one, the Tax bureau one).


  • Creation procedure is simpler and faster
  • No minimum capital required
  • Allows you to promote your commercial activities
  • Low registration cost

Good to know:

  • The opening of a representative office does not allow to deliver invoices (Fapiao) to customers in China
  • To set up a representative office, it is necessary to register a company abroad beforehand
  • A Hong Kong company can be used as a headquarter to open a representative office


The trust is a legal act with which a person, the fiduciary becomes holder of the patrimonial right by the trusting and has limited rights due to a series of obligations. Among these obligations is generally found the obligation to transfer, after a certain amount of time, this right to the trusting or to a third-party beneficiary. Fiduciary transactions are based on trust given by the trusting to the fiduciary. The trust is, therefore, a temporary property transfer contract. The fiduciary will have to give the related possession(s) once the obligations have been accomplished. Finabridge is there to answer your questions and guide you through the implementation of your trust. Our experts are, qualified to guide you through the following areas:

  • Heritage protection
  • Inheritance
  • Donations
  • Trust-management
  • Trust-security


Finabridge managed to take advantage of its experience in terms of customer relations to understand new needs. So, we developed training services to expand our clients’ areas of expertise and help them tackle various issues faced.

  • Accounting training: Finabridge shares all basic knowledge necessary in accounting, to provide more independence in managing your activity (statement of account, income statement…)
  • « Business Chinese » training: This training will allow you, in a short amount of time, to develop or deepen your Chinese language knowledge, with a “business” specialisation    
  • French law: Legal aspects differ from one country to the other.   This training goes over the important points to master in the French and European legal system. You can then practice legally
  • Establishment in China: setting up a structure in China requires you to know numerous rules in order to succeed with your project.   This training will guide you and will give you the keys and steps to follow to reach your goals.