Company management

Business creation

Business creation is not only an administrative process which will allow you to do your activity for yourself. It is, first of all, a real adventure, the fruit of the evolution of your project ! With Finabridge, we are here to help make it a reality and a successful adventure. Finabridge offers its clients a set of qualitative services to contribute to the success of you company. Our process is part of the long-term perspective and aims at insuring the durability of your activity. In order to optimize your existing resources and develop those to come, our team uses its skills in:

  • Business law
  • International law
  • Accounting
  • Tax law

Our team of experts adapts to the activity you wish to establish and to the evolution of your project. As a matter of fact, whatever project, Finabridge is there to help setting your structure. Our services are made in harmony with the specific needs of every client and project :

  • Export support. Market study of the field within which you wish to set up and control of the position in this field.
  • Development of a business plan. We guide you in the developing of this essential element to push your project on investors and banks (construction, identification and emphasis on the key arguments…).

  • Creation of your structure. The administrative processes related to the opening of the structure are done (writing the statuses, registering of the structure…).
  • Opening a professional bank account. Necessary proofs of entitlement: business plan, Kbis (legal information of the company) or business license, manager’s proof of address, ID or passport.
  • Search for future partners. According to your field, Finabridge, thanks to its network, can help you find partners who will assist you in the development of your project.

Company management

Creating, managing, making a success. These are the main goals an entrepreneur has in the long run. Finabridge will assist you during the entire time period necessary for the fulfilment of your project. Legislation, customs, use, processes… Managing a company in an international environment can be a conundrum. By bringing clear and efficient solutions to your management problems, Finabridge’s expert team will be the best partner to your success. We offer services such as:

  • Accounting follow up: management of your accounting entries
  • Administration office: a postal address in the country of your choice, management of your mail, calls and faxes
  • Legal support: We help you with every legal aspect that your company will be facing while carrying out your activity
  • Performance management
  • Implementing of ratio
  • Outsourcing of the financial management


The example of the service of domiciliation described below is applicable to a business creation in France, with Chinese market research. Finabridge offers this service for France, China and Singapore. Commercial domiciliation is the first step of the creation of a foreign company in France for instance. By getting contact details quickly in France, especially for the commercial documents, it allows a better research of the Chinese market. A one-year lease is offered to our clients, giving them the possibility to start rapidly their activity and try out the markets while taking the time to settle down. In order to guide you with the one-year lease, Finabridge will provide you with the following services:

  • Postal address in France
  • Personalized phone number in France
  • Fax number in France
  • Personalized email address
  • Mail, fax and voicemail management
  • Trilingual personal assistant (French, English, Chinese)

Therefore, the commercial domiciliation is the best suited option for a project owner who wishes to limit the risks as much as possible:

  • Postal address, phone and fax in France that you can use for your commercial documents (business cards, brochures…)
  • Market research for clients, suppliers and partners in France
  • Reachable by every representative internationally
  • Company creator in France, has permanent contact details in France, necessary to research suppliers and Chinese prospects.


In order to complete your project successfully, you might consider use external investments. To convince them a real strategy needs to be thought of and established. In the inherent enthusiasm of entrepreneurship and started your own project, it is easy to forget to anticipate certain points. The process is quite long as it takes 6 months. You will have to be able to maintain the pace and overcome multiple steps to finally obtain the necessary funds. Our consultants will accompany you throughout this long process and will anticipate risks related to a third-party financial involvement to reduce the risks to the maximum. Our experts will help you particularly with:

  • Highlighting your creative idea and especially its profitability to succeed in convincing partners
  • Keeping a decision-making status not to become an employee of your own company

In addition to the eloquence of your project, the mastery of a proven methodology and the in-depth knowledge of the financial mechanism are essential elements to make your offer a partnership. Finabridge offers its expertise and professionalism to help you cross every steps of your investments research and your project. In order to focus your energy on your activity and its development perspectives, we will guide you throughout the following major steps:

1. Evaluation of your application

  • Framing of your investors’ research project
  • Validation of your business plan, secured by our access to studies, resources and specialized databases
  • Preparation of presentation documents : B.P., Executive summary et slide-show
  • Valorisation of you company and development of related arguments
  • Establishing of a suitable financial arrangement

2. Search for investors

  • Selection of target partner investors
  • Getting in contact and reporting on progress
  • Setting up and assistance during meetings with your future investors
  • Structuring of the round table (financial and legal conditions of the investment).

3. Due Diligence and Closing

  • Coordination of different participants (auditors, accounting experts, business lawyers, banks…)
  • Assistance in negotiating valorisation and opening conditions of your capital (shareholders’ agreement and anti-dilution system, financial tools, investors’ exit…)
  • Financial agreement’s final choice
  • Final negotiations and closing


Finabridge managed to take advantage of its experience in terms of customer relations to understand new needs. So, we developed training services to expand our clients’ areas of expertise and help them tackle various issues faced.

  • Accounting training: Finabridge shares all basic knowledge necessary in accounting, to provide more independence in managing your activity (statement of account, income statement…)
  • « Business Chinese » training: This training will allow you, in a short amount of time, to develop or deepen your Chinese language knowledge, with a “business” specialisation    
  • French law: Legal aspects differ from one country to the other.   This training goes over the important points to master in the French and European legal system. You can then practice legally
  • Establishment in China: setting up a structure in China requires you to know numerous rules in order to succeed with your project.   This training will guide you and will give you the keys and steps to follow to reach your goals.